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Blake Carpenter's Background

​Blake's Background Before the Legislature
  • Blake was born in 1991 in Norman, Oklahoma.

  • Blake's family moved to Halstead, KS in 1996.

  • In 2008 Blake achieved the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.

  • In 2009 Blake graduated from Halstead High School.

  • Blake married his wife Cziara in 2013.

  • After getting married Blake and Cziara moved to Derby.

  • During Blake's tenure at Wichita State, he served as Chairman of the Wichita State University College Republicans.

  • Blake campaigned during his final year of college in 2014 and was elected to the Kansas House of Representatives in November of 2014.

  • Blake received his bachelor’s degree in business from Wichita State University in December of 2014.

Blake's Background While Serving in the Legislature


2015 - 2016 Legislative Sessions

  • During Blake's first term he served on the following committee's:

    • Military, Veterans and Homeland Security
    • Health and Human Services

    • Education Budget

    • Judiciary

2016 National Republican Convention

  • Blake was elected as a delegate alternate at the State GOP Convention.

2016 South Central Kansas Legislative Delegation

  • Served as Vice Chairman for the South Central Legislative Delegation in 2016.

2017 - 2018 Legislative Sessions

  • During this term Blake served on the following committee's:

    • Chairman of the Joint Information Technology Committee in 2017, Vice Chairman of the Joint Information Technology Committee in 2018

    • Vice Chairman of the Election's Committee

    • Federal and State Affairs

    • Local Government

    • Higher Education Budget

2019 - 2020 Legislative Sessions

  • Blake was elected by his peer's to serve on the leadership team as the House Majority Whip.

  • Blake is currently serving on these committee's:

    • Vice Chairman of the Election's Committee​

    • Joint Information Technology

    • Federal and State Affairs

    • Higher Education Budget

    • Insurance

District 81 Boundaries
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Kansas House District 81

Paid for by Blake Carpenter for State Representative, Charles Neises Treasurer